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The Unprodigal

Some Truths change everything. Relationships. Boundaries. Reasons...

From the heart of modern India comes a story of fathers and sons. Aryan - the genius, dashing and now failed son of the country’s richest and most powerful scion, finds himself chugging into danger on a desert train to nowhere.

It has been months since the only person he loved and cherished, his grandfather Aryaman, has died under mysterious circumstances, and Aryan has given his all to unearth the truth.Yet he seems to have fallen short, for the conspiracy he had gotten wind of is not only closer but bigger than what he had imagined.




But in the darkest hour before dawn, in a hopeless place and amongst strangers, the truth awaits Aryan. He will have to make the longest journey of his life - both inside and out - for it. He will have to stitch together pieces of his early life - his struggles, loves, victories, regrets, faith and the values given to him by his grandfather - to fight against the mightiest.

For the choices he makes now will define who he becomes.

Will Aryan find the true courage for a final stand? Will the son become the father? Or will the truth make him...The Unprodigal.

The Unprodigal

The Unprodigal, published by Rupa Publications, is out in June/July 2019. Watch this space for more details!

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