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Manushya is the proof and embodiment of life. Everything we are, do, don’t, love and hate starts from it. Thus it's our cognition that defines us and makes us human, i.e मनुष्य • (Sanskrit : manuṣya)
I write about everyday life in extraordinary situations. Urban and real. For today and tomorrow.

I hope you find extraordinariness in these blogs, books, and articles. They are all but about you. It is here that we can together reflect, laugh, react, question, answer, think and express, one tiny emotion at a time. Or a giant opinion. A mediocre question. Or maybe, just maybe, a bright thought.
After all, it is what we were born to do.
The fact that my name stems from Manushya is not an effect but a cause. Therefore I am Manushya. And not just Manu.

Manu Dhawan

Finger Service

Just when we are measuring ourselves in absolutes, life throws us the midways. We catch them merrily, oblivious to our compromises.

Ivy League Barbecues

Sometimes when changes sneak up on you, all you can do is laugh at yourself!

How to build character in 2 days

I’m not going to make this about the travails of modern commercial travel. Given what I experienced, I am sure that story is going to be...

Coffee, chaos and cacophony

My 4- day pit stop at New York was unlike any other leisure stay but something I always wanted to do - stay in an apartment alone. It was...

Where is the money, Poblado?

Lunch on day 2 of Medellin, Columbia was admittedly gluttonous and a walk up the hill around the city’s wealthiest neighborhood –...

Dubai Dairies - 3

Next morning, our hospitable friends make breakfast for us and we conveniently behave like guests, offering only to eat it. Unshaven and...

Dubai Dairies - 2

The flight to Dubai was uneventful. There wasn’t a pretty looking thing sitting next to me so no, this was probably not the good in...

Dubai Dairies - 1

Nightmares of bad beats from the previous night’s game of poker haunted me till reality converged and I woke up. With the phone alarm...

A Colourful Memory

When I was 5, my parents had the most amazing house out of all the houses we lived in through my childhood in a small town. My memory of...

Vivid scenes from a local salad bar

As I pretend to be enjoying the rockets in my bowl, I cant help but listen to a bunch of good looking women sitting on a table next to...

The Ego Suite

My friends just came back from an ‘unbelievable’ holiday. They couldn’t stop talking about it and how much fun they had when I met them...

Extinctive Dominance

Humans truly believe they are the ultimate species of this world. Maybe the universe, given we fictionalise most concepts of alien lives....

The Millionth Clone

The real difference between a book and an e-book is essentially a true manifestation of ownership. The flipping noise of the pale yellow...

Me and my best friend

I now remember how my best friend faded away. We used to meet and talk. And play. We could share anything and laugh at nothing. We would...

Triviagra - The Travel Viagra!

Travel has interesting ways to question your opinions. The preconceptions your mind conjured about a city, a country or a skin colour...

Textual High!

There is nothing better than a story well listened. Like a perfectly spun web with geometric precision and a waxy texture, it captures...

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