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Manushya is the proof and embodiment of life. Everything we are, do, don’t, love and hate starts from it. Thus it's our cognition that defines us and makes us human, i.e मनुष्य • (Sanskrit : manuṣya)
I write about everyday life in extraordinary situations. Urban and real. For today and tomorrow.

I hope you find extraordinariness in these blogs, books, and articles. They are all but about you. It is here that we can together reflect, laugh, react, question, answer, think and express, one tiny emotion at a time. Or a giant opinion. A mediocre question. Or maybe, just maybe, a bright thought.
After all, it is what we were born to do.
The fact that my name stems from Manushya is not an effect but a cause. Therefore I am Manushya. And not just Manu.

Manu Dhawan

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